Saturday, February 5, 2011

Illustration–When I was a Monk

9 Jan 2011 - Bhikshuk2

Another illustration sketch from this series can be seen at OrangeMellon.

The story is about a boy who is ‘destined’ to be a monk and who is too intelligent and original to be so confined.

Religion has always been completely irrelevant and unimportant to me,  and I always find it curious as to what illogical lengths people allow it to interfere in their lives. Most of them never even seem to examine why they are following certain precepts and if there is actually any point. Things are done because they were ‘always done’ or because ‘it says so’, the ‘it’ here being the ‘good book’ of whatever denomination and never mind that most of these good books were written centuries ago for the kind of  life-styles that are, fortunately,  no longer relevant in the present age.

I’m not knocking some of the good points of religion, mind you – the philosophical, uplifting things that are spelled in a nice literary way and are  intended to make you a better human being – although, it should be borne in mind that these things only find fertile ground in people who would be nice and tolerable even if they weren’t religious.

For the rest, religion appears to be a nice excuse to exercise their meanness of spirit and smallness of mind.

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