Thursday, February 26, 2009

Learning Curve - Academic Earth

I've added a link to Academic Earth in the sidebar. I found this very interesting site from the Slate article "How To Go To Harvard For Free."

Academic Earth has a great and growing collection of videos of lectures and courses from Berkeley, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Stanford and Yale.

It's an absolutely delightful treasure trove of information. You can view lectures on a diverse topics by subject, universities, instructors and playlists selected by the editors. You can also make up your own playlists by adding lectures you like to your favorites.

Here's a list of what I'm currently exploring -

Two other good places for learning or picking up ideas are Open Yale Courses and Stanford ECorner .

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Photo of the Week - Month of Lotuses

February 2009 002
Plenty of lotuses blooming in our pond currently. Yellow ones and white ones both. We hope to get some pink ones from Pardi in Gujarat soon.
That's Koi in the bottom picture. He died a couple of weeks ago. We had him for nearly five years. He was a real lovely fish, would surface in an instant when you called him and give your finger a friendly nip. He'll be sorely missed.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kuttan The Cat Reviews

Time Out Delhi
"Kuttan, the little kitten, is – and will grow up to be – a dreamer. In Kuttan Follows a Butterfly – the first in a series of four Kuttan books that Katha is launching this fortnight – Kuttan is thinking of his long-lost brother Appu. He also observes and marvels at the fluffy clouds, butterflies, trees and the glint of the sun. In Kuttan Meets a Furry Friend, he dreams up an entire adventure with Appu and Gopu, the mongoose, and a nameless snake. A slightly grown up Kuttan finds happiness among sunflowers, and is intrigued by fireflies in the other two books in the series.
Children are likely to identify with the simple adventures and the mysteries of nature that unfold in these books. The writer Serene Kasim uses fun phrases – “the funnest” and “tell us puhleeez” – that will appeal to kids. But as a read-alone book for 10-year-olds (as the publishers recommend), the text and the story are too elementary, even somewhat staid. But it works very well as a read-along book for kids younger than five. The illustrations are a delight, though. Sonal Panse’s colourful panoramic spreads of blue or black skies or green grass linger in your mind long after you’ve put the book down. Richa Jha
Kuttan Follows a Butterfly, Kuttan Meets a Furry Friend, Kuttan Finds Happiness, Kuttan and the Shooting Stars; Katha. Each book Rs 55; set of four books Rs 175. Age 5 to 10."
The Telegraph - Calcutta
"The latest offering from the Katha stable, a non-profit organisation working in the area of storytelling, is the Kuttan Series for children. The series includes four books on the adventures of Kuttan, the cat. Colourfully illustrated and simply written, the books are light and easy to read. They trace the growing up years of Kuttan, introducing him to an unexplored world. Serene Kasim’s prose is direct and lucid and Sonal Panse’s artwork is arresting. Priced at just Rs 55 each, the books are a lot of fun."
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