Friday, March 1, 2013

WIFI–Alan Watts: ‘What If Money Was No Object?’


A very interesting talk by Alan Watts.

The thing is you have to first know what you want to do. People often falter here. When I was in art college, I often heard goals like ‘I want to be famous’ or ‘I want to be rich’, without any thought given to ‘for what’ or ‘by what means’. There was also a fellow whose main dream was ‘to go abroad’, without again considering ‘to do what’. I remember him being mightily annoyed when I asked if he had Pakistan, Nepal, Burma, or Sri Lanka in mind. But that is going abroad, those are foreign countries, I pointed out. He disagreed. The people there are just as poor as us, he said, and he was done with wallowing in poverty. He was going to the USA or the UK where everyone was very, very rich; the inference being that by just going there he would catch their infection too.

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