Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sketchbook– Pritam Nakil

4 Oct - Singers24 Oct - Singers1

This is from September actually, during the Ganesh Utsav. I went to a really wonderful cultural program, Nashik Kalawant Ganesh Utsav 2011 - dancing, classical music, and poetry reading – at the Kulkarni Hall in town, organized by Mohan Upasne, Vived Garud, and others. I painted on the sidelines during the performances. They were truly inspiring. The above sketches are of Pritam Nakil, who is an absolutely amazing singer; I wish I had taken along a video camera to record everything. The sketches are on cardboard packing; I’d forgotten to take along sketching paper too. :-)


Hence72 said...

cool stylish blog

come visit sometime, id love to hear what you think of my artwork


Sonal Panse said...

Will do. Thanks. :-)

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