Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sketchbook - Aai

25 Nov 2010 - Aai

  I’m reading ‘The Practice & Science of Drawing’ by Harold Speed. It’s quite interesting.

Here’s an excerpt -

 “…every age differs in its temperament, and the artistic conventions of one age seldom fit another. The artist has to discover a convention for himself, one that fits his particular individuality. But this is done simply and naturally—not by starting out with the intention of flouting all traditional conventions on principle; nor, on the other hand, by accepting them all on principle, but by simply following his own bent and selecting what appeals to him in anything and everything that comes within the range of his vision. The result is likely to be something very different from 76the violent exploits in peculiarity that have been masquerading as originality lately. Originality is more concerned with sincerity than with peculiarity.”

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